B&M Rifles & Cartridges

If you are looking for serious ballistics in a compact and lightweight package look no further.  Because when
it comes to big game applications, this is without a doubt the total package.

The B&M series rifles and cartridges have proven to be a great success.  Extensive test work has been completed not only concerning load data and pressures, but in the field with real world experience.  This is the Rifle/Cartridge combination that makes them a pleasure to work with and also to carry in the field.  These rifles are extremely fast and handy when working in close quarters with dangerous game, and with the versatility to do many other jobs in the field, without becoming a burden for the user who has to carry the rifle on those long days in the field.  Every pound and every inch counts when in the field, but still one has to have a cartridge that is not just “adequate” for the job at hand, but that can be used to save life and limb with confidence.  This exclusive setup will prove to you to be second to NONE!

-- We here at ETS are proud to be the dealer for these premier rifles and we appreciate your interest. --

If you are a serious hunter and looking to achieve this level of performance, click the B&M logo below to visit their website for complete information.


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